Often you see people struggle while using a computer. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just tell the computer what to do? In order to research this question and help novice users, a concept called Nimble was created. Nimble is a graphical command line interface which enables the user to communicate with the computer using natural human language. It enables the user to perform actions using his own words, like "Open" or "Play the latest album of Jack Johnson". The user does not have to find out where to find and how to use the applications to perform the desired action.
Instead the computer does exactly what the user wants it to do and performs the action immediately.

Nimble is a research project made during the HCI course at the Leiden University and is made together with Xiwen Cheng. The accompaning paper can be downloaded here: Nimble - a graphical command line interface (PDF).

Role: Concept / Interaction design