Get Real!
Our daily environment is full of projections (a 'colored' view of a person on reality); on television, in pictures, films and many more. Because these projections can contain a lot of information, one may be tempted to think they are correct representation of reality. This thought is wrong. The creator of the projection decides what he will and will not show. For example when making a photo he might leave out certain objects to make the photo more dramatic. In other words, projections are subjective and might be missing parts of information which may heavily influence the interpretation of the projection to any observer. Get Real! is an interactive installation which will let you experience this.

The installation requires two participants to observe a projection in the form of a picture which is projected on the wall. The picture depicts a scene of a man running in an airport terminal. After a certain amount time they are asked to put on special glasses and have another look at the picture.
Using the glasses both participants will be tracked in space allowing them to move around and look at the same picture from a different perspective, revealing information that was not visible in the original picture (for example objects behind other objects). On top of this the participants will discover that the new information revealed by looking at the same picture from a different perspective results in a different scene for both participants, one positive and one negative, to emphasize the fact that a projection can be something totally different than it seems.

Get Real! is presented at the Media Technology Exhibition at the V2_ Institute for Unstable Media, Rotterdam, The Netherlands and is made together with Marie de Vos and Frank de Boer.

Role: Concept / Technical realisation / Graphic design

Both participants can independently look at the scene to experience what information they are actually missing. Photo by Frank de Boer.
The glasses are tracked in space by colored leds in order to present the participant with the correct perspective. Photo by Hanna Schraffenberger.
Get Real! located in the back of the Media Technology Exhibition. Photo by Hanna Schraffenberger.